We ride bikes, we eat desserts, we explore until we burn it all off. This is the rallying cry of Sweet Ride USA. There’s a whole world that opens up when you explore your city on two wheels, and that’s where we live. We’re on a mission to seek out the best desserts we can find, because there’s a magic equation when you ride a bicycle – the way you travel to the thing you want to indulge in is the same thing that burns it off.

My name is Steve, and I believe in the bicycle. I live in Los Angeles, definitely not the most cycle-friendly city, but riding here has totally changed my perceptions of not just this city, but of how great life can be when you’re not boxed up in a car all the time. The bike also lead me into a vibrant culture of people and ideas that I’d like to share with you as well.

Sweet Ride USA is a homemade web series made by a few friends that you can watch here or on our YouTube channel, and please hit up our Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram or Vine pages. This blog is a home for everything about the show as well as place to post the best stuff I can find about bike culture and sweets.

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Thanks for stopping by, and ride safe.

photo: Elizabeth Fried