#BikeLA Events This Weekend 11/8

#BikeLA Events This Weekend 11/8

Holy shit, have you been outside? It’s Summer out there. Get off whatever you’re reading this on and get on your bike!

It’s the second Friday of the month, so that means it’s time for Midnight Ridazz, and this sounds like a fun one. #119 Super Mario Kart – The Ride. “Bring your banana peels, bomb bombs, and turtle shells to this weeks Super Mario Kart, second Friday ride! Dress up in any kind of Mario gear you have, hell throw on a mustache to look like the Italian man himself or dress up as any Mario Kart character. This will be a medium pace ride with a battle mode at one of the stopsBattle Mode- the aim is to defeat the other players by attacking them with power ups, destroying balloons which surround every bike, here we go!!!”

Meet at Chinatown Metro goldline station at 8:30pm, roll out at 9:30pm.


Saturday night is ArtCrank Los Angeles.  “Our second show in the City of Angels will feature hand-made, bike-inspired posters created by local artists. Limited edition, signed and numbered copies of all posters will be available for $40 each. Admission is free.”

4:00pm – 10:00pm at Space 15 Twenty, 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd (Near Urban Outfitters). Facebook event

Also on Saturday another ride/art/music happening, Spoke (n) Art with Peg Leg Love, Sofia Mas and Liz Avalos. “It’s our 8th anniversary so we’ll bust out something special. Were having Peg Leg Love play and they have an all new line up plus some surprises on the ride. Sofia Mas is one of the artists, along with her friend Liz Avalos . You’ll be seeing double… band and party celebration and burning spectacular.”

Meet at 6pm Flying Pigeon, show at the Bike Oven at 10pm.

Minibike Kickball No.4, Saturday afternoon. “We’ll do a little cruz around Pasadena then head to a local park a little after 2:00pm where we will play some Kickball AKA Slosh ball!!! We will be there till around sundown then head to the Spoke (n) Art for some more activities!”

Meet at the Fillmore Gold Line Station Pasadena at 11:30am, ride at 12:30pm

Saturday morning is a fast paced ride hosted by Just Ride LA (Downtown LA Bikes) Meet at 9am. Roll out 9:45/10am.

As for Sunday, haven’t heard of anything yet. Get out there and ride!

Got anything I missed? Let me know in the comments. Have a great weekend.

Written by Steve

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