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Episode 2 of our web series about riding bikes and eating desserts takes place in Los Angeles, the day before the Wolfpack Hustle‘s Marathon Crash Race – where thousands of cyclists crash the LA Marathon course in the twilight hours, before the runners take over the route. True, it’s not the best idea loading up on sweets on the day before a race, but Andrea “Mama B” Denike Martinez, Nat Gale, York Tan, Lawrence Sanchez and Katie Brooks Bennett said screw it and came on the Sweet Ride anyway.

For our two sweet stops, first we hit Doomie’s Home Cookin in Hollywood, one of my favorite local spots.  They specialize in hearty vegan and vegetarian comfort food that even your average Hell’s Angel would find fulfilling. The resident pastry chef Franck (AKA “Das Baker”) gave us the lowdown on his own style of vegan pastry  voodoo as we sampled both the double chocolate and butterscotch brownies. Those things are giant!

From there we rode east to Atwater Village and tried out the salted chocolate chip cookie at Proof Bakery. Basically, I’m on a quest to try every salty-sweet thing on planet Earth, so check this one off the list.

On the way to the Marathon Crash Race registration party to pick up our numbers for the next morning’s race, we checked out Angel’s Flight, an odd single-car incline train in downtown LA. Apparently, in Ye Olde Days, rich people built their own tiny railroads so they wouldn’t have to walk up a hill in the Summer. Good to know.

Don “Roadblock” Ward, founder of Wolfpack Hustle and legend of LA cycling came along for the on-bike interview and told us about founding the Wolfpack Hustle and how the Marathon Crash Race came to be.

He said this about bicycling in the city:

“We’re not a protest, we’re just having fun – and in fact, just the act of riding your bike in this city is a really a protest. You don’t have to bang on hoods or scream at people, you just ride your bike and show people that it’s possible.”

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Hey – have some links!

The full EP2 route at RidewithGPS. Check it out, or even download it to your device and go on your own Sweet Ride.

Racing the End – Warren Kommers’ thrilling video introduction to the Marathon Crash Race.

Written by Steve


  1. Alex

    Hi Steve !
    Very cool videos, a nice way to have a different look at L.A.! (I’m French…)
    Great to see you’re into bike and desserts (and not into drug abuse like so many rockers !!!)(I’m joking)
    Nice to see also you’re still doing song(s) (even in a different way…), I’m a PANIC CHANNEL fan (yes, some of your CDs had landed in FRANCE), a music junkie in general (“it’s my aeroplane” as in the RHCP’s song (Hello Dave !!)) and I discovered SKYCYCLE’s album and EP last week : I love it !!
    If you plan to discover great desserts (and riding of course) in south of FRANCE…
    (some french TV (ARTE, FRANCE 5) could get SWEET RIDE also…)

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