Halloween Candy Madness Begins: Snickers vs. Milky Way & Skittles vs. SweeTarts

Halloween Candy Madness Begins: Snickers vs. Milky Way & Skittles vs. SweeTarts

As you can imagine, Halloween is our favorite time of year here at Sweet Ride USA headquarters. The costumes, the spookiness and of course the candy.

As kids, after a long night of trick or treating, we would dump our pillowcases full of candy onto the floor to sort and more importantly trade.  At my house, I had to throw out anything that looked remotely tampered with. I prayed a Butterfinger or Reese’s didn’t have the mark of death and would swear that I had accidentally ripped the wrapper myself.  Razor blade or no, I was eating that peanut buttery goodness. What is your all time favorite treat? What candy would you trade 6 boxes of Dots for?

Welcome to Halloween Candy Madness.  It’s like sports, but fun and with candy™

Vote every day for your favorite in each category: Chocolate and Candies – until we discover which sweet is The Best Halloween Candy EVER on October 31st.

In today’s Day 1 Halloween Candy Madness matchup we mercilessly pit these beloved favorites:

Snickers vs. Milky Way, & Skittles vs. SweeTarts.
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Come back tomorrow to find out who won today’s match up and vote on the next set of contenders.

Written by Debra Matlock

Filmmaker. Mom. Food Adventuress. Wine Dilettante. Redhead. Supervising Producer of Sweet Ride USA.


  1. Steve

    Debbie really started this thing off with a toughie. Snickers is like the Coke of candy bars and Milky Way is like the Pepsi. While I love the nuts in Snickers, my deep and undying love of caramel forces me to choose Milky Way. Very tough choice.

    I can eat Skittles until I basically vomit, so I have to pick them, but damn, I sure loved getting home on Halloween and having a GIANT bag of SweeTarts to plow through in the following days. Another tough matchup. Curse you, Debbie.

  2. Eric

    Being as I’m much more of a chocolate guy, I’m going to go with Snickers. It really does satisfy. I’m also not really much of a fruity /sweet tarts-type of guy, so I’m not going to weigh in on that. Can I just get some more chocolate?

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