Halloween Candy Madness Day 2: Twix vs. Reese’s & Sour Patch Kids vs. Starburst
  • October 24, 2013
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Halloween Candy Madness Day 2: Twix vs. Reese’s & Sour Patch Kids vs. Starburst

First, the winners of yesterday’s Day 1 matchup: Snickers and Skittles! It was neck and neck between Snickers and Milky Way, but Skittles was the clear favorite over SweeTarts.

These favorites move onto the next round.  Today’s Chocolate competitors are Twix vs. Reese’s. Do you prefer chocolate, caramel and cookie crunch to the classic chocolate and peanut butter cup? And for Candy, we have the upstart Sour Patch Kids vs. powerhouse Starburst. Who is more delicious? Only you can decide.

Tell us what your favorite is in each category to send them to the next round in our quest to discover the Best Halloween Candy Ever on October 31st.

Twix vs. Reese’s, & Sour Patch Kids vs. Starburst.
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Come back tomorrow to find out who won today’s match up and vote on the next set of contenders. 

Written by Debra Matlock

Filmmaker. Mom. Food Adventuress. Wine Dilettante. Redhead. Supervising Producer of Sweet Ride USA.


  1. Mindy Robinson

    Twix vs. Reeses…. that’s a hard one. I love me some peanut butter cup but if I could only have one of these for the rest of my life… it would be Twix. It’s just the right balance of sweet and salty with a satisfying crunch.

    Now SPK vs Starborst (that what’s I call them) are both greats that make you salivate just by thinking of them. SB are classics and SPK are the new kids on the block. This is a though one. I’m gonna have to go with Starborst.

  2. Brad Grossman


    Starburst Vs. Sour Patch Kids is tougher for me. I like Starburst in theory, but they are a bit tainted for me by the memory of a childhood friend who would open the whole pack, mush all the Starburst together and eat it like an apple. So… I’m going with Sour Patch Kids.

  3. Pamela

    I love Twix. Reeses are too dense for me. While Twix is filling, it’s not too heavy. Now if this we between Twix and Reese peanut butter pieces, that’s a different story! Put Reeses peanut butter pieces against peanut M&M’s and that’s a tough one! Starburst over Sour Patch kids. Love the texture of Starburst!

  4. Debra Matlock

    Reese’s Pieces! We’ll have to include them next year. I don’t know about you but, I eat Reese’s Pieces by the disgusting handful and peanut M&Ms a civilized one at a time.

  5. Steve

    This. Is difficult. I’m gonna have to follow my heart on this gut-wrenching question, as I love all these candies A LOT. If I really go for what my tastebuds really go for, though – it’s Twix and Sour Patch Kids. Twix has the caramel and cookie combo. Even though the caramel ain’t top notch. And Sour Patch Kids are like crack cocaine.

    I’m sorry, Reese’s and Starburst, but I’ll always love you too.

        1. Steve

          Yeah we should, and if it’s within reason, I want to develop a problem with doing lines and lines of it.

  6. Billy Jensen

    Reese’s is the ultimate candy. Twix is a noble competitor, but Reese’s wins. Where I really object is putting Sour Patch Kids against Starburst. That is a no brainer. SPK.

  7. Jennifer Sartorelli

    Reese’s and Sour Patch Kids (even though I like chemical strawberry-flavored Starburst).

  8. cathy

    Reeses and Twin are both winners but I have to say peanut butter and chocolate combo give Reeses my vote. Sour patch kids are the definitive candy winner for me because I love the Super tart rush.

    I missed voting yesterday but I was pulling for snickers and sweetarts for the same reason. It would be interesting to see if results are correlated.

  9. Daniel S

    Wow, hard one, I really like both of these chocolates both I think TWIX is a little upper notch though, and with no dout SOUR PATCH KIDS

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