Halloween Candy Madness Day 3: Crunch vs. Butterfinger & Tootsie Pop vs. Nerds

Halloween Candy Madness Day 3: Crunch vs. Butterfinger & Tootsie Pop vs. Nerds

First, the winners of yesterday’s Day 2 matchup: Reese’s and Sour Patch Kids! They, dare I say, trounced Twix and Starburst.

These favorites move onto the next round. Today’s Chocolate competitors are Crunch vs. Butterfinger. This matchup is like Sophie’s Choice for me, well, if Sophie was choosing which child to eat. And for Candy, we have Tootsie Pop vs. Nerds. Each have their detractors.  The Tootsie Roll center looks like poop and Nerds suspiciously look like something you might sweep up off the candy factory floor. Can you get past the visuals and only judge their deliciousness?

Tell us what your favorite is in each category to send them to the next round in our quest to discover the best Halloween candy on October 31st.

Crunch vs. Butterfinger & Tootsie Pop vs. Nerds
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Come back tomorrow to find out who won today’s match up and vote on the next set of contenders. 

Written by Debra Matlock

Filmmaker. Mom. Food Adventuress. Wine Dilettante. Redhead. Supervising Producer of Sweet Ride USA.


  1. Mindy Robinson

    No brainier, Butterfinger FTW!
    Now if it was paired up with Krackle, that would have been a difficult decision.

    Tootsie Pops vs Nerds – Both nostalgic… Growing up with “how many licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop” and the owl counting “ah one, ah two, ah three”
    ( http://youtu.be/0UYvsk6_foc ) or Nerds that were a “new” candy in the 80’s. Two flavors, one on each side of the box being able to mix the flavors as you please.

    Maybe it’s my oral fixation and love of chocolate but I’m going to have to… my final answer is…Tootsie Pops.

  2. MeliBrooklyn

    How could anyone choose crunch over butterfinger?!?! Butterfinger all the way. A far superior chocate delight.
    And Nerds of course. The real question here is tootsie pops versus blow pops. (Blow pops FTW)

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