Halloween Candy Madness: Day 4 M&M’s vs. Almond Joy & Candy Corn vs. Hot Tamales

Halloween Candy Madness: Day 4 M&M’s vs. Almond Joy & Candy Corn vs. Hot Tamales

First, the winners of yesterday’s Day 3 matchup: Butterfinger and Nerds! Butterfinger was the clear favorite while Nerds and Tootsie Pop duked it out all the way until midnight.

These favorites move onto the next round.  Today’s Chocolate competitors are M&M’S vs. Almond Joy. Is coconut a deal breaker for you or is it your favorite? Equally divisive on the Candy side, we have Candy Corn vs. Hot Tamales. Candy Corn is the one seasonal candy in our tournament.  Do you love it? Do you bite it one color at a time as you are legally bound to do? Or do you like the mouth burning excitement of cinnamon?

Tell us what your favorite is in each category to send them to the next round in our quest to discover the best Halloween candy on October 31st.

M&M’s vs. Almond Joy & Candy Corn vs. Hot Tamales
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Come back tomorrow to find out who won today’s match up and vote on the next set of contenders. 

Written by Debra Matlock

Filmmaker. Mom. Food Adventuress. Wine Dilettante. Redhead. Supervising Producer of Sweet Ride USA.


  1. Mindy Robinson

    Third is an easy choice.Candy Corn is the gateway candy to the holiday season and is the clear winner.

    M&Ms are the easy, versatile, quick fix for any situation. A great add in to popcorn & trailmix. Almond Joy is a real treat, not something you get every day. The sweet blend of coconut and chocolate with a pleasant chewy consistency. Hard decision here… every day satisfaction or an occational treat? I’m gonna go with Almond Joy as the winner in this round.

  2. Steve

    I’m gonna go with Almond Joy, especially cause I’m on a coconut kick lately. And while I do dig candy corn, I have to go with Hot Tamales, that’s another one I simply can’t stop eating. Side note: just got a bag of Brach’s S’mores flavored candy corn and they’re really tasty.

  3. cathy

    Again with me and my love of nuts I have to go with Almond Joy over plain m&ms. If you had said peanut m&ms that would have been the clear winner. I’m gonna go with Hot Tamales because I do like a little burn now and then.

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