Halloween Candy Madness WINNER!

Halloween Candy Madness WINNER!

It was UNANIMOUS.  The 2013 Sweet Ride USA Halloween Candy Madness Champion is…

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup!



Since 1928, Mr. Hershey’s ex-shipping foreman, Harry Reese has been serving up chocolate & peanut butter in what appears to be the lower half of a muffin cup and it is fan-freaking-tastic. Cheers Harry, to such an enduring treat!

Everyone here at SWEET RIDE USA wants to wish you a Happy Halloween.  There’s something really special about this holiday.  The fact that we still send our children out into the world to accept candy from complete strangers restores my faith in humanity in a way that, for example, reading the comments section of a political article does not.

Thanks for voting and being part of the madness!


Wondrously Yours,


Written by Debra Matlock

Filmmaker. Mom. Food Adventuress. Wine Dilettante. Redhead. Supervising Producer of Sweet Ride USA.


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