iPhones Need a Car Mode – Like NOW.

iPhones Need a Car Mode – Like NOW.

Considering that every day, riding your bike in traffic is a crapshoot of personal safety being risked by the average driver desperately needing to respond “LOL” to a text and almost killing you, smartphone software having a dedicated “Car Mode” is an idea that needs to happen – yesterday.

As I ride around town, I see an overwhelming number of drivers staring down at their iPhones not just at lights, driving while texting. This is not even in the area code of ok. That’s common knowledge, but it’s such a hard habit to break, sitting in endless traffic is Godawfully boring. Hell, I’ve done it too, but that don’t make it right.

Apple’s iOS software is easily able to feature a mode where texts are saved up until the ride is finished, and on-screen user interface elements are redesigned so just the most important parts are visible so a driver can focus on what’s deadly important – safety. What a cool gig for a design team – to make a beautifully functional rethink of the daily phone interface that will without a doubt save lives.

Check out this cool design concept that needs to get the fast track from Apple, and appear on your favorite personal tech doohickie – NOW.

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Written by Steve


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