Lord of Griffith V – Fixed Gear Race in Griffith Park

Lord of Griffith V – Fixed Gear Race in Griffith Park

Yesterday was the fifth Lord of Griffith fixed-gear bicycle race in and around the hills of Griffith park, Los Angeles. The weather was gorgeous for racing, and a ton of LA’s finest fixie foos came out for the annual event which features a course that runs all throughout the park, all hills and not closed off to car traffic. This was not a game for the weak – only fixed-gear, no brakes allowed.

Sean Martin presided over the event, which was threatened to be shut down at any second by park rangers. Just before the first lap, word had it that the course had been barricaded up near Griffith Observatory, but everybody found a way to press through and keep racing.

If you haven’t ridden in Griffith Park, let me tell you – it’s enough of a drain to ascend it just once geared, but gearless, it’s a focused effort that takes your full steam to make happen, and these guys (and girl) attacked it four full times. Add to that the fact that¬†descending the hills fixed and brakeless requires the legs spinning away the whole time, with no time to relax and coast. Multiply this times every racer barreling down the hills just skidding to decelerate and the danger quotient gets crazy high. Oh, and forgot to mention that the course ends up on Los Feliz blvd which is choked with car traffic and sucks to ride as it is.

Much respect to the racers, to Sean and his team, everybody who came out to watch and all the sponsors for making this rad event happen.

You’ll notice I don’t have any juicy shots of the actual race, cause I was shooting video most of the time. It’ll take me a hot second to edit that and get a post up. Enjoy this gallery for now.


Here’s a video recap of the race from State Bicycles, whose team riders took 3 of the 5 spots on the podium.

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