Check out Sweet Ride USA in Bicycling Magazine!

Check out Sweet Ride USA in Bicycling Magazine!

Holy moly, this is amazing. Right now on newsstands all across the country, you can pick up the current issue of Bicycling Magazine and read about Sweet Ride USA in a whopping 8-page spread.

Editor-at-large Bill Strickland hit us up last year about being featured in the magazine, and it’s finally an actual real-life thing. The piece documents the filming of our just-released Episode 3, as we pedaled through Los Angeles on the search for bicycle-churned ice cream at Peddler’s Creamery and Double Decker O-Nuts at DK’s Donuts.

The text was written by yours truly, and Mathew Scott did a great job photographing us in all our sweaty dessert-hunting glory – man, it was HOT that day.

The only thing missing from the article is all the hard work that goes into shooting our web series, especially the tireless efforts of my Sweet Ride USA partner in-crime Debra Matlock. Shout out!

We’re honored to be in the pages of not only an amazing magazine, but one I actually have a subscription to. When this showed up in my mailbox, I almost soiled myself – true story.

We are so thankful to Bill and the great staff at Bicycling and can’t thank them enough.

Pick up a copy while you can, check out the online version on or download a pdf of the article here.

Watch Sweet Ride USA Episode 3

In Episode 3, Andrea “MamaB” Denike Martinez, Nat Gale, York Tan, Bruce Chan, Nona Varnado and I braved the mid-90 degree heat in Los Angeles on a bike ride to try out two delicious desserts. First, the bicycle-churned ice cream at Peddler’s Creamery downtown, then DK Donuts‘ take on the cronut, the “Double Decker O-Nut” in Santa Monica. As always, we rode a route through the city designed to burn off every calorie we’d consume.

Bruce and Nona are the founders of LA Bike Trains, an organization created as a way for cyclists to commute in a fun and safe way to work in the morning. It’s a pretty rad setup, and if you are in LA and wanna try out bike commuting, this is a great way to start.

Along the way we checked out the mysterious “Witch’s House” in Beverly Hills and stopped at Orange 20 Bikes for some gear.

This episode’s On-Bike Interview features Sean Bonner, dedicated LA cyclist and one of the founders of Safecast, a groundbreaking volunteer group that sprang into action after the Fukushima disaster in Japan, creating a crowdsourced radioactivity monitoring solution. It shows you the power of what people can do when they put their heads together for a greater purpose.

After Sean rhapsodized about the excitement of night rides in the early days of Midnight Ridazz, we geeked out over his sweet black Golden Saddle Cyclery-built Freeman single speed bike that’s easily collapsable so he can pack that bad boy onto a plane.

Wanna ride the this route yourself and have your own Sweet Ride? Here ya go.

In EP3, we were shadowed by Bicycling Magazine for a spread in their March issue. Go buy it on newsstands now!

More Links!

Andrea’s bike crew, the Bodacious Bike Babes
Nona Varnado
Bruce Chan’s Tumblr

Thanks to Mathew Scott for the images in the thumbnail.

Be sure to change the video settings to HD, YouTube won’t let me embed it that way!

Sweet Ride USA EP3 Coming on Monday!

Sweet Ride USA EP3 Coming on Monday!

Get ready folks – here comes Sweet Ride Episode 3, where we try some bicycle-churned ice cream, gorge on cronuts, check out a witch’s house, and talk to Sean Bonner from Safecast.  The filming of EP3 was photographed for a featured spread in the new issue of Bicycling Magazine which JUST hit stands. We’re super stoked. more

How to be a Road Biker Video

Oh man, this is golden. “Step #22 – Remember that spandex is revealing,  get used to avoiding looking at every person’s junk.”

#BikeLA Events This Weekend 11/13

#BikeLA Events This Weekend 11/13

The holidays are in full schwing and this weekend there are a TON of rides and events to choose from to get your holly on, including the 8th Annual Midnight Ridazz All-City Toy Drive, the Chrome20 Wrenched_LA ride, an LACBC caroling ride and a Mission Workshop pop-up shop at Golden Saddle.

My New Chrome Barrage Cargo Filled with Holiday Stuff

The allure of the Chrome_20 holiday pop-up hub proved too strong for me, and I grabbed some stuff including the Barrage Cargo backpack. Been using it everyday, and so far have been really happy with it. Planning on doing a full video review, but now here’s a little video of me unpacking all kinds of holiday mess before last week’s Echo Park Bike Posse annual caroling ride. This thing is really sturdy, comfortable, and it holds a ton. Barrage Cargo Packpack at Chrome Industries

Chrome_20 Uphill Sprints Fixed Gear Bike Race

Chrome Industries has been hosting a bunch of cool events to celebrate their Los Angeles holiday pop up hub. The shop is next door to Orange20 bikes, and Edson Palucha, who works at o20, hosted this race last week as part of his FOOseries. It was all uphill fixed gear brakeless sprints in Elysian Park. I couldn’t make it out (I was busy gearing up for a holiday caroling ride that night), but it looked like a lot of fun.

The Winners:
1st: Anthony Zelaya
2nd: Edgar “Willo” Juarez
3rd: Raul “Nokx” Rodriguez

Hat tip Prolly

We Got Stickers!

We Got Stickers!

Look at these adorable mini-donut logo stickers! Would you like a couple? Just send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Sweet Ride USA
1710 North Vermont #101
Los Angeles CA 90027

They’d look just fantastic on your bike or around your local bike store or donut shop. Jus sayin.