Sweet Ride USA EP3 Coming on Monday!

Sweet Ride USA EP3 Coming on Monday!

Get ready folks – here comes Sweet Ride Episode 3, where we try some bicycle-churned ice cream, gorge on cronuts, check out a witch’s house, and talk to Sean Bonner from Safecast.  The filming of EP3 was photographed for a featured spread in the new issue of Bicycling Magazine which JUST hit stands. We’re super stoked.

If you came here because of the article, hello there! Sweet Ride USA is a web series for bike people and we hope you dig it. It’s a home made operation, and we thank you for stopping by. We’re located in Los Angeles, but we have our sights set on the world – anywhere we can check out a city’s bike culture, meet some cool people and go on an adventure – all while pigging out on the best desserts we can find. Guilt-free decadence via bicycle.

Have a gander at our first two episodes, whydontcha?

Episode 1 – Bread Pudding at Golden Road Brewery, Bacon Donuts at Nickel Diner, Blade Runner Locations and Nat Gale.
Episode 2 – Vegan Brownies at Doomie’s, Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies at Proof Bakery, the Marathon Crash Race and Don “Roadblock” Ward from Wolfpack Hustle.

We’ll see you for EP3 on Monday!

Written by Steve

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