Sweet Ride USA Theme Song

Here’s the whole theme song uploaded to YouTube. Wrote this trying to capture the feeling of rolling around the city with your friends on a group ride. Many thanks to Rick Boston for recording, playing keyboards and bass and my old buddy Chris Cano (and former Skycycle drummer) for laying down a meaty drum track.

Here’s the lyrics just in case you are planning a Sweet Ride USA karaoke party or something.

Sweet ride
Goin on a sweet ride
Gonna leave my cares behind
Gonna find what’s sweet in life

Nowhere we gotta be today
Gonna set ourselves free today
If you need some friends
You’re gonna make ‘em along the way

Sweet ride
Goin on a sweet ride
Sweet ride
Goin on a sweet ride
Only thing I wanna do
Get out on a sweet ride with you

This life
Funny how it speeds by
Gone in a blink of an eye
While you’re practicing to die

We may seem crazy but we don’t care
You can come along or you can stare
Come get lost with us
You’ll see adventure is everywhere

Written by Steve

Sweet Talk Us