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Watch Sweet Ride USA Episode 2

Episode 2 of our web series about riding bikes and eating desserts takes place in Los Angeles, the day before the Wolfpack Hustle‘s Marathon Crash Race – where thousands of cyclists crash the LA Marathon course in the twilight hours, before the runners take over the route. True, it’s not the best idea loading up on sweets on the day before a race, but Andrea “Mama B” Denike Martinez, Nat Gale, York Tan, Lawrence Sanchez and Katie Brooks Bennett said screw it and came on the Sweet Ride anyway.

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Passage Atlas Art Show

Every wednesday night in Los Angles a pretty magical group ride takes place called “The Passage of a Few People Through a Rather Brief Moment in Time,” or “The Passage Ride” for short.

You never know where it’s headed, but it usually involves bridges, stairs, hills, sick views and the occasional underground tunnel all based around a theme. The general concept is that the city offers a myriad of hidden passages when you ride a bike – not just the ones found on streets and bike lanes.

To commemorate the ride’s 4th anniversary, ride founders Sean Deyoe and Nathan Snider launched a gallery retrospective at Red#5 Yellow#7. The show gave a comprehensive look at the crazy amount of imagination and care Sean and Nate put into their guided urban adventures.


Watch Sweet Ride USA Episode 1

In our first episode, shot in Los Angeles, Andrea “Mama B” Denike Martinez, Steven Lau, Nat Gale, York Tan and Kate Fields joined me in the quest to seek out two great desserts, explore the city, and burn off all the calories by the end of the ride.

After checking in with our resident dessert expert, Erika, for an idea of what we’d have to burn on the ride, we rode from Silverlake to The Pub at Golden Road Brewing to check out their croissant bread pudding. After Nat’s psychedelic wardrobe change, we headed down along the LA river path to the Nickel Diner in Downtown LA to sample their famous bacon donut. Along the way we did a mini-tour of locations from the sci-fi classic Blade Runner, and did an on-bike interview with Nat who works in the LA Mayor’s Office of Transportation to get the inside scoop about the battle to transform LA into a bike-friendly city. Not an easy task, but it’s one worth fighting for.