The Worst Cycling Earbuds You Could Buy

The Worst Cycling Earbuds You Could Buy

Generally, I don’t advocate wearing earbuds. It’s way too important being able to hear what’s happening around you. That said, when I do wear earbuds, I do the one ear thing, and keep the music pretty low, that way I can still hear it, but I can also hear traffic. Plus it’s nice hearing Google Maps lady’s reassuring voice give me turn-by-turn directions when I’m in an unfamiliar area. I like to think she’s flirting with me.

Just bought a new pair of Yurbuds, made “for athletes,” to replace a pair of PowerBeats that were fantastic for their great low-end response, but painfully expensive at 150 bucks. That’s just way too much for frigging earbuds, so when they were stolen, I decided to get something good, but not that good.

Sadly, Yurbuds I can say, are the worst cycling earbuds you could buy. Tonight I put them on for my very first ride, a super-quick 3 miles to the Ghost Bikes show, and by the time I arrived, both rubber ear hooks that keep them on were gone! Like, gone! One is now apparently homeless on the streets of Hollywood, and I found the other on the ground as I locked up my bike. If I had 5% less self control, I’d drink gasoline and set them on pissfire.

Do yourself a favor, and if you see the striking Yurbuds box with the picture of a sweaty athlete with the word “Focus” painted on his face – focus your cash somewhere else.

What do you think about riding with earbuds? Do you have any that you recommend?

Written by Steve


    1. Steve

      Thanks for the tip. 5 years? That’s an amazing run. I don’t think I’ve had a tech thing last 5 years in the history of …ever. Just bout a pair of Skullcandy TheFix’s – so far so good.

  1. Alex

    I really enjoy the apple earpods. (yes, earpods is the actual, I’m not just being a fanboy here) They’re like $30 bucks and sound great. Best of all, you can have them at a pretty normal level with both buds in and still be pretty aware of your surroundings!

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